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Fruit Incubator or Artificial Tree

Fruit Incubator made by www.ali-ila.com

Completing the changing apple color cycle through Fruit Incubator

Fruits incubator is still in its primary testing phases. The purpose of

designing and manufacturing this machine is to complete the growth of the

unripe fruits in the completely controlled environment. Testing this

machine was successful in the color generating step and we hope to convert

unripe and non-eatable fruits to totally ripe and eatable fruits by taking

benefit from this machine in the future. Maybe, this machine highly help

growing of the fruits in the area, as in this method there is high control

on the materials inside the fruit and also this project may be useful in

decreasing the food poverty of the men who are exposed to malnutrition.

We thank all the friends who are interested in assisting and cooperation

this project in advance. Contact us if interested.

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