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Failure to supervise and giving suitable solution for proper advertisements environment

in the cities results in audio contamination and generation of advertisement irregularity

in various locations throughout the world, which have made improper images. Such issue

caused that Brazil made a brave movement and prohibit all outdoor advertisements in

Sao Paolo and Rio de Janeiro cities.

The issue of audio contamination and overflow of the billboards in Tehran were examined in the

city council and urban management to organize the same for a long time; eventually, within a

meeting held with the presence of the managing director of the Tehran city landscaping organization

at the city council building located in Behesht Street, this organization was obligated to organize

and reduce the number of these billboards. Therefore, Tehran municipality landscaping organization

determined the ranking rules for the advertisements companies asked their owners to refer to the

outdoor advertisements supervision headquarters by 5th of October of this year to have their

companies ranked.

Source: Hamshahri Online

What is your solution in case of prohibition of outdoor
advertisements in your city?

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