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Oyster Mushroom Breeding

Oyster Mushroom Produced by www.ali-ila.com

Oyster Mushroom Produced by www.ali-ila.com

Advantages of Oyster Mushroom Breeding

Using agricultural products wastes such as straw of wheat and rice is considered as

the main required ingredient to provide the culture basis. However, other materials

may be used to prepare such basis, e.g. straw of barley, rye, sorghum, maze, cotton,

sugarcane, sawdust, remnants of jungle wood products as well as cellulose-bearing

industrial wastes. However, the most suitable basis for the oyster mushroom is the

mixture of wheat and rice straw. One of the other advantages of oyster mushroom

breeding is its high potential of employment and income generation in a small area, so

that a 100 sq.m. site of oyster mushroom breeding one ton of fresh mushroom may be

resulted periodically, which lasts around 45 days. One of the other advantages of

producing this type of mushroom is its low costs, considering that all the breeding

phases of oyster mushroom is performed indoor, this profession may be generated in

any location across the globe with the least facilities and capital.

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