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Soil color identifier

Soil color identifier Device made by www.ali-ila.com

This machine has been manufactured according to Mansel Paint book, a product of

Mansel Company.

Certain books are used to determine the soil color, namely Mansel Paint Books, in

which there are roughly 195 colors, which consists one-fifth of the colors found in the

nature, together with approximately 175 small colorful pages each indicative of a

type of soil color arranged on certain cards with special manner. Each soil color has

three characteristics:

Hue: range of dominant color of red, yellow, green and blue

Value: lightness or darkness level

Choroma: color purity

Munsell soil color book

Soil color detector to identify soil type

After detecting the soil color, this machine is able to identify the type of the respective

soil from its color. The operating method is quite easy and you should only flatten the

respective area and then place the machine on it, which shows you the soil color type

after a couple of seconds.

Patent of soil color identifier

Consultation, Training, Design and Commissioning of

Special Agricultural Products Systems

All the products are 100% natural, and free from any colors and/or genetic modifications.

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