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Crocodile production

Global Market of Crocodile Skin and Flesh

Considering the extensive application of side products, crocodile skin and flesh (each

raw piece of its skin currently worth USD 275 and its processed piece worth roughly

USD 600, and the quality of its flesh for conservation and exportation wroth USD 7

per kilo). Crocodile flesh is considered as one of the best, healthiest, good looking and

delicious meats currently available across the globe. The Chinese have used crocodile

soup since centuries ago to cure asthma and respiration diseases. Crocodile husbandry

may highly help in improvement and prevention of environmental contamination, as

this animal may use the wastes of slaughterhouses and also decayed meats which

should be treated in no way but to be destructed.

The above image shows environmental contamination resulted from slaughterhouses

wastes, which are of hazardous wastes. However, such wastes may be converted into

a valuable product through correct management and planning and not only prevent

environmental contamination, but this action will be accompanied with generation of

employment and wealth.

Consultation, Training, Design and Commissioning of

Special Agricultural Products Systems

All the products are 100% natural, and free from any colors and/or genetic modifications.

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